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Dale Gervais has been actively researching and documenting the history of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit since 2006. Dale retired in September, 2018, after almost 36 years as a Film Conservator at Library & Archives Canada.

In Search of D-Day: Charles E. Beddoe

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In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, I am reposting this video I did about Charles E. Beddoe, a Royal Canadian Navy Cameraman, who witnessed D-Day aboard LCG939… When my father first sent me the article on Charles Beddoe, I was surprised to see that there had been a RCN Combat Cameraman living right here in Ottawa since 1958, the same year that I was born! I immediately contacted the Ottawa Citizen, who graciously provided me with his contact information; residing at the Perley & Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre, at 1750 Russell Road. What happened next became an interesting mix of straightforward interviews, discoveries, and…even more discoveries. Charlie had…

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Óscar Galansky – Living History Re-enactor

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  • CFPU_UNIFORM_web.jpg
    Posing in a WWII uniform tailored to replicate that worn by Sgt. Cameraman, R.H.C. Angelo of the CFPU is Oscar Galansky, at a 'Living History' re-enactment event in Spain.
  • GALANSKY_CFPU_FILM_web-1.jpg
    Oscar Galansky in full CFPU uniform examines a 35mm motion picture film strip.
  • IMG_5867.jpg
    Oscar Galansky posing, wearing a mock CFPU uniform, standing in field, at a 'Living History' re-enactment event in Spain.
  • IMG_6040.jpg
    Oscar Galansky posing in full CFPU uniform, at a 'Living History' re-enactment event in Spain.
  • cafu_49_angelo002_web.jpg
    Frame grab from Canadian Army Newsreel Issue. No. 49, of cameraman, Sgt. R.H.C. Angelo of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit.
  • ANGELO_GALANSKY_web1.jpg
    Sgt. R.H.C. Angelo of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit. This still is taken from Canadian Army Newsreel Issue No. 49.
  • ANGELO_GALANSKY_web2.jpg
    Striking a pose to match a frame still of Sgt. Cameraman, R.H.C.Angelo, is Oscar Galansky, at a 'Living History' re-enactment event in Spain.

This Remembrance Day, I wanted to post this story about a young man in Spain, Oscar Galansky, an historical re-enactor and filmmaker, who posed as a Sgt. cameraman of the CFPU during a re-enactment in Spain this past summer; “I wanted to share with you this experience. It was a Living History event; 3 days and 2 nights in a field at an abandoned village in Spain. I took pictures & videos of each activity with my modern camera but also with an analog camera.” Óscar also submitted a photo of one of the CFPU cameramen; Sgt. R.H.C. Angelo, because as he says; “I write to you again to ask you…

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