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Inspired by the CFPU by Josha Sietsma

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I was asked to write how Holland’s first baseball scorebook happened to have a cover-illustration inspired by Charles H. Richer (CFPU). In the summer of 2015, before becoming a teacher fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), I hosted a screening on the work and life of Annemie Wolff. She and her husband were photographers during the WWII and moved to Amsterdam prior to its commence. The amazing stills by this couple and my summer at the USHMM inspired my thoughts on photographers in wartime. Being raised in Hamilton (ON), a fervent Canadian Historical review reader and with love for baseball I started searching the archives for the…

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The Accidental Birdwatcher – Book Review

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Born in England and educated at Rugby and Oxford, Michael Spencer’s interest in bird watching arose as an excuse to avoid playing cricket, “So, for the wrong reason, the avoidance of cricket, I went on a bird walk around a reservoir in the middle of England.” Little did Michael know at the time, but on June 8, 1935 at the Stanford Reservoir, Michael and his den-mate Sharon Watson would become inadvertent contributors to the science of ornithology; an inland record of a Northern Gannet. Along with bird watching, Michael knew early on that even though he was studying Law at Oxford, he would eventually find himself a career in the…

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