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In January, 2015 I was contacted by a journalist from The Netherlands, doing research on still photographer Lt. Donald Grant of the CFPU. Robert Jan Leerink was doing a two page story for the De Stentoran Apeldoorn-based Dutch regional newspaper. Would I happen to know when Lt. Donald Grant had passed away.

Lt. Don Grant is famously known for capturing the image of Major David Currie in the act of winning the Victoria Cross on August 19, 1944.

Major David V. Currie (left, with pistol in hand) of The South Alberta Regiment accepting the surrender of German troops at St. Lambert-sur-Dives, France, 19 August 1944.

Below is a link to the book that includes a piece on Lt. Donald Grant;


De Laatste Dagen • Bevrijding van de IJsselstreek, door Niek Megens e.a.

Below is the article that was published in De Stentor;




From: Robert Jan Leerink []
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 8:32 AM
To: Gervais, Dale
Subject: Donald I Grant

Hello Dale,

My name is Robert Jan Leerink and I’m doing some research for a two page story about Donald I Grant (and the Canadian Film & Photo Unit ) for the Stentor newspaper in the Netherlands.

Do you have any clue when he passed away ?

Robert Jan Leerink

Schippershuizen 10
8131 PS Wijhe
The Netherlands

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