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  1. Good Morning,

    I am just trying because you may know the answer.
    We in Holland are trying to get pictures of all the fallen Canadians at the Groesbeek War Cemetery. We do have a lot but still miss a bundle.
    Do you know whether at the time of enlistment pictures were taken ? If so where can one find them ? They must be with the military, somewhere ?
    You can check the work at
    Thanks for your help
    Bob Smiet working for this group as well as for

    • Hi Bob – thank you for contacting me. First of all, congrats on your projects initiative, putting ‘Faces to Graves’. I will reply in more detail with a follow-up email, but for now I can say this; due to the enormous amount of photographs, negatives and prints taken during WWII, it has created a huge challenge to process these in a manner to enable easy public access. This goes for DND (Department of National Defence), as well as LAC (Library & Archives Canada). What I can tell you here, is that all of the Canadian military personnel files who were killed in action (KIA) during WWII, are currently available at LAC; (Second World War Service Files – War Dead, 1939 to 1947). And in those files, sometimes there is a photograph. Sometimes. But for those looking for more information regarding those lost during the war, this can be a good place to start. I will be in touch with. Dale.

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