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D-Day Discoveries: 75 Years After

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75 years ago, in the early morning of June 6th, 1944, Sgt. Bill Grant, Canadian combat cameraman of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit, emerged from the fog to land at Bernières-sur-Mer, to record some of histories most memorable scenes of the Allied invasion of France, known as D-Day. Packed away in storage since the end of the war, history is revisited, as Tom and Karen Grant flip through their father’s scrapbooks, and binders of photographs, to showcase the life of their father, Bill Grant. As well, new discoveries are uncovered and shared with the family that chronicle Sgt. Grant’s movements off the beaches of Juno, and into the…

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Sound and Images On the Day of Private Lewis L. Currie’s Death

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This is a follow up article to a previous post written by Ben Moogk here; In this new post, Ben Moogk provides compelling new evidence in movies and stills, to recount that tragic day in France, July 4th, 1944… The battle for Carpiquet was both a victory and a tragedy. It pitted too few of Canada’s citizen soldiers in an attack against the fanatical Hitler Youth Division who had the best possible defences in a final attempt to take the city of Caen. The battle was conducted in a way that would have been familiar to the previous generation of Canadians who fought in the First World War, with machine guns firing…

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