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PHOTO ABOVE: Colour photograph of the Canadian Film & Photo Unit. Copyright belongs to the Crown ; Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ecopy

After years of research, and demand, I am posting a list of the names of the combat cameramen, both cine and stills from the Canadian Film and Photo Unit 1941-1946.
I wish to credit Norman Quick, who supplied me with lists of names from the CFPU reunions that had been held in the past, (Victoria – 1986, Ottawa – 1988, Toronto – 1990, and Edmonton – 1992), and for his personal insight into the history and structure of the Public Relations Goup. Sgt. (retired) Norman C. Quick, C.S.C., has been featured on this website, and continues to be an invaluable resource to the ongoing memory of the Film and Photo Unit.
Along with Norm, are his Film Unit colleagues, who have helped me greatly in gathering information about the Unit; Charles N. Ross (1920-2010), Michael D. Spencer, Nadine Manning, Andrew Graham Campbell, David King, Robert V. Sleigh, as well as family members of those who served with the Unit; James O’Regan, Jean Weekes, Alice Cooper, Dean Monterey, Mike McDougall, Paul Jubenvill, and Chris Snelgrove.

One of the greatest sources for information is the Library and Archives of Canada (LAC). Some of the CFPU photographs are freely available online, while many are simply listed as a description without an accompanying image such as the one used above in this article. (Some of these images have been made available to me by former members of the Unit.)
I also want to credit the following people who have also had a hand in keeping the memory of the Film Unit alive; Sgt. Serge Tremblay (who initiated my initial contact with Norman Quick), Lorraine Cornelius (who was the driving force behind the release of the War Amps DVD release of the the Canadian Army Newsreels), Rosemary Bergeron, Andrew Rodger, Peter Dudley, Lt.-Col. Rejean Duchesneau, Capt. Fraser Clark, the men and women of the Canadian Forces Army News (the successor of the Canadian Army Newsreel), the people at C.S.C. (Canadian Society of Cinematographer’s); Don Angus, Joan Hutton, Susan Saranchuk, and Karen Longland. I also wish to thank Dan Black, Bob Lansdale, LCdr Kent Penney and the team at Combat Camera, Brock Silversides, Mark Celinscak, Jeffrey Macguire, Gillian Evans, Reg Sherren of the CBC, and the people at the Canadian Forces Joint Imagery Centre (CFJIC).

Please select from the two groups below to see a complete list of the names of the CINE combat cameramen, and the STILLS combat photographers of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit. Should you have any questions, or additions to the list, please feel free to contact me using the Contact page.

List of CINE combat cameramen of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit.

List of STILLS combat photographers of the Canadian Film and Photo Unit.

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