Group photo of ‘A’ Section, Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit, 2 C.I.D. Left to right: Sgts. W.R. ‘Bud’ Sherwood and L.G. Clarke, Capt, G. Ken Bell, Pte. E.A. Shirreffs, Sgt. N.C. Quick and Pte. G. A. Playford at Canadian Headquarters. CREDIT: Ken Bell (Attr.)/Library and Archives Canada/DND/PA-137041.

List of CINE combat cameramen that served with the Canadian Film and Photo Unit;

Anderson, E.C. (Andy), Sgt.
Angelo, R.H.C. (Mike), Sgt.
Barnett, H.H.A.(Barney), Sgt. KIA
Beal, F.R., Sgt.
Bickerdyke, J., Sgt.
Bonter, Elmer.R. (Scoop), Sgt.
Calder, Alan H., Sgt.
Campbell, Andrew Graham (Cam), Sgt.
Campbell, Jimmy, Sgt. KIA
Campbell, Robert O., Capt.
Clarke, Lionel G., Sgt.
Clements, Harry, Sgt.
Cooper, George A., Capt.
Cox, William R., Sgt.
DeWest, F.X. (Duke), Sgt.
Dougan, Kenneth. B., Sgt.
Fleming, Percy J., Sgt.
Game, George A., Lieut.
Grant, William (Bill).G., Sgt.
Grayston, Alan W., Sgt.
Hynds, R.D. (Don), Sgt.
Hynes, W. Jack, Capt.
Kerr, L.G., Sgt.
Lattion, C.M.G. Mike, Sgt.
McCaughey, Hugh H., Sgt.
McDougall, Colin Campbell, Major
McDougall, John (Jack) Erroll.Rankin, Major
McIsaac, Jack F. (Red) Pinky, S/Sgt.
Millon, Lloyd F., Sgt. KIA
Noble, George F., Capt.
Petty, Gordon D, Sgt.
Pritchard, E.W. (Ted), Sgt.
Quick, Charles F. (Chuck), Lieut.
Quick, Norman Clarence, Sgt.
Ramsey, Gordon L., Sgt.
Reynolds, Dave A., Sgt.
Roos, Charles.E. (Bud), Sgt.
Ross, Charles N. (Chuck), Sgt.
Sherwood, W.R. (Bud), Sgt.
Skene, Douglas Gabriel, Sgt.
Sleigh, Robert V., Sgt.
Spencer, Michael D., Capt.
Steele, Fred A., Sgt.
Stollery, Jack A., Sgt.
Thompson, Len E., Sgt.
Towers, Ralph M., Sgt.
Tunwell, Alfred A., Capt.
Weekes, Lew E., Sgt.
Williamson, Bert W., Sgt.

Total: 49

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