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Dale Gervais has been actively researching and documenting the history of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit since 2006. Dale retired in September, 2018, after almost 36 years as a Film Conservator at Library & Archives Canada.

Andrew Graham “Cam” Campbell : Combat Cameraman : 1917-2019

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  • graham_campbell_award_©2013_cropped_web.jpg
    PHOTO: 'Cam' posing with his CSC Combat Camera award issued to him by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers in March 2010. The CSC award recognizes "the outstanding achievements of the CFPU during the war, in honour and remembrance of the courageous cameramen of the Second World War." Photo credit: © Dale Gervais.
  • cam_camera12_cropped_web.jpg
    Graham Campbell poses with a 35mm Bell & Howell motion picture camera, similar to the type of camera he and his colleagues would have used in the news gathering during WWII. PHOTO: © Dale Gervais
  • IMG_1802cropped_web.jpg
    Graham posing with a signed CAFU Newsreel t-shirt, May 2008, where I first interviewed him at his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario. PHOTO: © Dale Gervais
  • medals_cropped_web.jpg
    PHOTO: Sgt. "Cam" Campbell posing with military medals outside the German Chancellery - Credit: 'The Way We Were by Ken Bell - University of Toronto Press 1988 - ISBN 0-8020-3990-1
  • cam_camera_cropped_web.jpg
    Graham Campbell operating a 35mm Bell & Howell motion picture film camera during WWII.
  • cam_camera03_cropped_web.jpg
    Graham Capmbell's WWII identification card.
  • DSCF0141a_web_cropped.jpg
    Graham blowing out the candle to mark his 101st birthday! PHOTO: © Dale Gervais
  • DSCF0099_web_cropped.jpg
    Graham Campbell viewing a photo frame of images for his 101st birthday PHOTO: © Dale Gervais
  • DSCF0037_web_cropped.jpg
    Graham Campbell celebrating his 101st birthday with family. PHOTO: © Dale Gervais

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Andrew Graham ‘Cam” Campbell, on December 17th, 2019, at the amazing age of 102 years old. I last spoke with ‘Cam’ when I attended his 101st birthday last year at his retirement home in Burlington, Ontario. Graham Campbell was a kind and creative friend, and I enjoyed the times we spent together talking about his times during the war as a member of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit, and about some of the people he worked alongside at Rapid Grip and Batten. Graham was born in Montreal in 1917 and moved with family to Toronto in…

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D-Day Discoveries: 75 Years After

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75 years ago, in the early morning of June 6th, 1944, Sgt. Bill Grant, Canadian combat cameraman of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit, emerged from the fog to land at Bernières-sur-Mer, to record some of histories most memorable scenes of the Allied invasion of France, known as D-Day. Packed away in storage since the end of the war, history is revisited, as Tom and Karen Grant flip through their father’s scrapbooks, and binders of photographs, to showcase the life of their father, Bill Grant. As well, new discoveries are uncovered and shared with the family that chronicle Sgt. Grant’s movements off the beaches of Juno, and into the…

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