In Their Words 08 – A Matter of Historical Value


I am a Canadian military veteran currently living in Phoenix, AZ. I have spent nights and weekends over the past few years publishing short duration non-commercial videos documenting Canada’s involvement in WW2. When I recently ran across a 1941 report by C.P. Stacey on the film recording of Canadian military activity, I was drawn to create a documentary on the subject of his report. Thought you might be interested in a link. Love the work you all do to preserve this facet of our history – please keep it up.


George Saulnier

“A Matter of Historical Value”
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  1. Well done! An excellent video on the historical beginnings and work of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit during WWII. What a pleasure to see a veteran take the time and effort to put together a video using historical documents and images in such a way so that the memory of those who served are not forgotten.


    To see more videos by George Saulnier please visit his YouTube channel here;

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