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Sound and Images On the Day of Private Lewis L. Currie’s Death

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This is a follow up article to a previous post written by Ben Moogk here; In this new post, Ben Moogk provides compelling new evidence in movies and stills, to recount that tragic day in France, July 4th, 1944… The battle for Carpiquet was both a victory and a tragedy. It pitted too few of Canada’s citizen soldiers in an attack against the fanatical Hitler Youth Division who had the best possible defences in a final attempt to take the city of Caen. The battle was conducted in a way that would have been familiar to the previous generation of Canadians who fought in the First World War, with machine guns firing…

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Found footage: Lew Currie, Canadian Army Film Unit, Driver – update

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This post comes to you courtesy of Ben Moogk, who has been a driving force in locating and uncovering lost photographs, and film footage shot by the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit. Ben’s research has led him to uncover a film clip, and two photographs that depict Sgt. Al Grayston, and his driver, Lew Currie posing for the camera in a horse stable. Many of the drivers in the Film Unit risked their lives driving the cameramen under fire in order to get their stories. This post by Ben Moogk, is a follow up to an article shared by Vera Carver, grand-daughter of Lew Currie, April 17, 2017. LEWIS LUKE…

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