Green Fields Beyond – a CFPU – inspired diorama by Colin Sibilleau


All images credit: Colin Sibilleau

The Sherman III « BOMB » of the Sherbrooke Fusiliers was possibly the only Canadian Sherman to roll onto the beaches of Normandy and fight to the end of the war without being put out of service. Three crewmembers stayed with BOMB right to the end. The original commander and co-driver were injured shortly after D-Day, and several other commanders were rotated-through. After the war, BOMB was brought back to Canada, and still sits outside of the Armoury of the Sherbrooke Hussars.

After VE Day, the CFPU covered « BOMB », and its crew in Army newsreel no.78, and later made a short film about their journey titled « Green Fields Beyond ». 

This diorama is based on a photo of « BOMB » and crew ( The four crew and the commanders who were rotated-through). The photo is credited to cpt. Ken Bell, who is also a D-Day veteran. Cpt. Bell landed on the beaches and took some of the few colour photos of the landings with his Rolleiflex camera.,_which_landed_in_France_on_D-Day_and_continued_in_action_through_to_VE-Day._Zutphen,_Netherlands,_8_June_1945.jpg

So I suppose you could call this a reunion of D-Day survivors, of sorts. 

Attached to cpt. Bell is the as of yet unknown cine-photographer, a rather jaunty-looking driver holding the Sergeant’s clapperboard, and a well-used CFPU Jeep.  

Notable kit includes a Bell and Howell Eyemo camera and tripod, Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic camera, Zeiss Contax II camera, Underwood portable typewriter, all provided with Bronco Models’ Commonwealth War Correspondents model kit. To these were added scratch built cases for the Eyemo and Speed Graphic cameras, a bag of film cans, and notebooks for the dope-sheets.

Here is a link to my diorama gallery, and build log if you are interested.

© 2022 Colin Sibilleau

Many thanks to Colin Sibilleau for submitting this post along with images of his recreation of the Bomb tank and crew. Amazing detail!

Within the Army Numerical Photo Albums are photos taken by CFPU Photographer, Lieut. Kenneth Bell. Follow the link below to view the album contact prints, shot on the 8th of June, 1945, near Zutphen, Holland, under the story headline, ‘D-Day Tank’.

Bomb Tank Crew, LAC Army Numerical Album Volume 100 of 110, see pages 40, 41 of 52. Credit photographer, Lt. Ken Bell.

Captions Credit: Library & Archives Canada – “Only Canadian fighting tank to land in Normandy on D-Day was “Bomb” – a Sherman built-job mounting a 75-mm gun. It has covered 2,500 miles and has continued In action up to VE Day. In this time, its record of continual operational duty has been interrupted only by minor repair jobs. Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment 27th CAB are therefore trying to arrange for the tank to be shipped, with her crew, to Sherbrooke, Que. Three of the D-day crew, and a fourth who came to “Bomb” on D plus I day, are still with the tank and would accompany her to Canada.

They are; L/Cpl R. Moreault (Montreal), Tpr A.W. Rudolph (Claresholm, Alta), Tpr J.W. Hall (Creston, B.C.), Tpr. K.R. Gerow (Burns Lake, B.C.), who came to the tank on D plus I Day.

Former crew commanders are Lt. W.H. White (Gare, N.S.), Capt. J.W. Neill, M.C. (Oshawa, Ont), Capt. P.W. Ayriss (Victoria, B.C.) and Lt. F.C. Mingo (New Glasgow, N.S.).

Image neg 54113: Tpr. K.C. Gerow (Burns Lake, B.C.), L/Cpl. R. Moreault (Montreal), Tpr. A.W. Rudolph (Claresholm, Alta) and Tpr J.W. Hall (Creston B.C.) in front of their tank.

Image neg 54114: Lt. W.H. White (Gore, NS), Capt. J.W. Neill, MC of Oshawa, Ont; Capt. P.W. Ayriss, Victoria, B.C. and Lt. E.C. Mingo, former crew commanders of the tank.

Image neg 54115: L/Cpl R. Moreault chalks D Plus 365 on side of tank, watched by Tpr. A.W. Rudolph and Tpr. J.W. Hall, original D-Day crew.

Image neg 54115-a: Lt. W.H.White, Capt. P.W. Ayriss, Capt. J.W. Neill, and Lt. E.C. Mingo talk to crew. Tpr. Rudolph, L/Cpl Moreault, Tpr. Gerow, Tpr. Hall.

Image neg 54116: Original crewman: Tpr. Rudolph, L/Cpl Moreault and Tpr. Hall.

Image neg 54117-8: Tank and crew in positions.”

Captions Credit: Library & Archives Canada

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