Wandrey, Robert E.

Robert Edward Wandrey was born in Chicago Illinois, December 13th, 1923.

Drafted in 1943, Robert was sent temporarily to Camp Grant, Illinois where he was outfitted in the basic uniform and fatigues. Soon after Robert was sent to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin for basic training. From there, Robert was sent to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey where he was promoted to Corporal in the Military Police. During an interview there, Robert was selected to be sent to the Astoria, Long Island Signal Corps Training Center, to attend classes in still and motion picture photography. Robert was assigned to the still photographic section and issued a 4 x 5 Speed Graphic camera. Graduating in 1944, Robert became a member of the 3235 Signal Corps Photo Detachment, headed by Lt. Richard K. Jones of Hollywood.

Besides Robert, the 3235th comprised of one other still photographer, Harold Rosenthal of Chicago, and two motion picture cinematographers, Thomas Korn of Missouri and Leslie G. Crocker.

The unit was attached to Headquarters Company, 96th Infantry Division, 10th Army where they soon found out their eventual destination, Okinawa. Robert and his unit landed in Okinawa on April 1st, 1945 where they recorded the activities of the U.S. Army on the island until the end of the war.

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