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Roland ‘Rollie’ Reeves – Course 1961-03.

I am a remuster and only attended the basic course 2 years later as a Gp 3. All of my career was spent in the field; including 3 tours in Bagotville, as an LAC, Cpl, MCpl and Sgt; before retiring in 1983.

I worked, along with other Photo Techs, on the 105 and CF5 photo systems.

Generally, with the 104, downloading from the aircraft, to fill print on the interpreter’s desk was under 10 minutes. Film (Tri-X), was loaded on a plastic reel, and developed for 30 seconds at 90F, then dried in a hot air spinning dryer, (Sirocco), after a very quick fixing bath, (1 minute), and quick wash. Some missions were crucial and our 104 recce pilots supported the US, by “mistakenly” flying close to the East German border.

Photo Crew posing in front of a CF-5. L-R: (? First name) Savoie, “Rollie” Reeves, Serge Pagé, Yves Tremblay, “Dick” Bleau, “Moe” Gosselin, “Rollie” Joly, “Wilf” Truchon, Christian Boies433e ETAC Bagotville c. 1973-74. Photo courtesy Roland Reeves.

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So, here’s another phase of the photo trade, a half-century ago.
You and I were there; I’m 87, going on 60. 🙂
Roland “Rollie” Reeves – FEB 2023

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