The women of the CFPU.

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PHOTO ABOVE: Private Nadine Manning of the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit processing strips of censored film at Merton Park Studios, London, England, 19 December 1944. Credit: Capt. Jack H. Smith / Canada. Dept. of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / PA-152111 Although Canadian women played an important role during WWII, most of them served in a supportive role to their male counterparts such as secretaries, clerks, mechanics, or worked in canteens. But, in one area, that was unique to both men and women of the Canadian Forces was in the Canadian Film and Photo Unit. Nadine was born in London, England, in April of 1923, the result…

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CFPU Combat Cameramen

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PHOTO ABOVE: Colour photograph of the Canadian Film & Photo Unit. Copyright belongs to the Crown ; Credit: Canada. Department of National Defence / Library and Archives Canada / ecopy After years of research, and demand, I am posting a list of the names of the combat cameramen, both cine and stills from the Canadian Film and Photo Unit 1941-1946. I wish to credit Norman Quick, who supplied me with lists of names from the CFPU reunions that had been held in the past, (Victoria – 1986, Ottawa – 1988, Toronto – 1990, and Edmonton – 1992), and for his personal insight into the history and structure of the Public…

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