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The Canadian Army Newsreel: On the Home Screens

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The power of the Canadian Army Newsreel is best exemplified in this account of a families search for the whereabouts of their father during World War II… In the December 2010 edition of the Legion Magazine, I came across a request by Harry Chartres searching for newsreel footage of his father, Henry P. Chartres. Specifically, Harry was seeking newsreel footage that his mother had seen in a theatre back in Verdun, Quebec in 1943, over 71 years ago. “The story goes that my mother was taken to a theatre to help ease the news my Dad was missing in action and lo and behold when the newsreel came on, there…

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Framing the Past through the lens of the Present By Gillian Evans

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The War Amps Society’s Migration of the Canadian Army Newsreels.  By Gillian Evans May16, 2011 The Canadian Army Newsreels, produced by the War Amps Society in 2010 with assistance from original members of the Canadian Army Film & Photo Unit and Library and Archives Canada, are a series of 106 separate original newsreels capturing Canada’s involvement in World War Two. The newsreels have been transferred to a series of six DVD’s, featuring approximately 18 newsreels per DVD with a total of 1200 minutes of footage. The newsreels, originally created and produced by the Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit throughout the course of the War, feature captivating footage shot by…

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